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Ted and his crew are excellent to work with in a Design-Build arrangement, always professional with a focus on delivering a quality product at an excellent value.  They understand what is right, what needs to be done, and they get it accomplished with a positive attitude.

- Brian K. Brewer, Brewer Engineering Consultants, PLC (President)

As a design-build contractor, we like to use TPI Plumbing due to their knowledge and expertise in the plumbing business.  We rely on them heavily to understand the plumbing code and local city codes where the work is located.  Often times, we have designed and built projects without any engineered drawings or specifications.  We are only able to do this due to our confidence in TPI Plumbing.

- David TimmermanSeptagon Construction

TPI Plumbing: Always on time and under budget. Ted and his staff are always eager to dig in and do what it takes to get the job done. Real team players. They have never let me down.

- Tom HagenNelson Construction Services

I want to say thank you for the 600 apartments you have plumbed over the last 25 years. You have always been timely and cooperative especially with the plumbing on a $2 million fire and a $1.3 million flood. The work was completed in four and two months respectively. We have been very impressed by your work in replacing 160 boilers and 50 water heaters in over 1,500 units and never having a tenant without heat or hot water overnight. This is especially significant since 80% of the work was in the winter. This project helped get our heating bills under $70 per year per unit. Most recently you replaced over 1,000 toilets in occupied apartment and had only one complaint. This project helped us reduce our water bill to under $150 per year per unit. It has been great working with you. When my maintenance staff cannot handle something, you are our plumber. Sun Prairie is the largest apartment complex with 1,074 units.

- Keith Denner, Professional Property Management